Sunday, 22 November 2015

Is Your Cat Expecting Kittens?

If you own a female cat that has not been spayed, chances are very good that at some point she will become pregnant. A cat that is in heat will attract males from several blocks away, and they will attempt to mate with her. If the mating is successful, your cat will be having kittens in approximately nine weeks. So how do you know if the deed has been done?

If you suspect your cat is pregnant, it is a good idea to take her to the veterinary clinic. Your vet should be able to determine if a pregnancy is indeed underway. While you’re there, ask for a full checkup and make sure that your cat is caught up on vaccinations. Get advice about taking care of your cat during pregnancy as well as after the kittens arrive.

Maybe you are unfamiliar with your cat’s heat cycles, or you’re unsure if she’s been spayed. If this is the case and you have reason to suspect that she is pregnant, there are a few signs to look for. Is she gaining weight or does she seem thicker in her belly? Is she eating and sleeping more? These can be signs of pregnancy.

Further along in the gestation, you should be able to feel the kittens moving around inside their mother. Place your palm firmly on her abdomen and wait for a squirming sensation under your hand. You may even be able to see movement if you watch closely.

As your cat’s pregnancy progresses, you’ll also notice her udder growing. Her teats will become more pronounced and she may be sensitive to touch on her belly.

Near the end of your cat’s pregnancy, you will notice her nesting instincts kicking in. She will be looking for a safe place to deliver her kittens, and she may choose a place that is inconvenient for you. Laundry baskets, bottom drawers and the space behind the dryer are common places for a momma cat to nest. Help her out by supplying clean, soft bedding that you won’t miss for the next few weeks. Allow her to have quiet privacy, and ask children and visitors to respect her needs.

Once your cat has her kittens, supply her with unlimited fresh food and water. Kittens are very fragile when first born, so allow your cat to do the mothering while you watch from a safe distance. At age six weeks, schedule a visit with your veterinarian and make sure the entire kitty family is healthy. To learn more about veterinarians for cats in San Jose, visit this website.

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